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Customer Testimonials

Lyle Kent

January 26, 2015

The Oasis....Tillsonburg

Through the various equipment offered & the procedures at the Oasis, I have been successfully able to relieve some of my back pain along with some sciatica. Mary is very educational and has been able to get me up and going thru weekly and bi-weekly appointments.

Her set up is wonderful, and the variety of different procedures I have found not only  helpful to my health, but reasonably priced as well. An investment in your health & well-being is money well spend.

Thanks Oasis,

Lyle Kent

It was a long day at LRHC with a patient. Went to "The Oasis", a Holistic Recreational Spa and enjoyed an awesome massage. Mary Olsen is a master at manipulation and offers a variety of treatments. She's also a sweetheart of a person .
Thanks Mary.

Lisa Parsons

April 6, 2015

Hello Mrs. Olson!!!

I have missed you a ton!! I was wondering if we can set up an appointment for me to get treated by your magic hands!

I am not picky on what treatments you do because just your simple touch relaxes me lol

I would love and hour to an hour and a half of your time so I will leave it up to u what you would like to do.

Please get back to me and let me know when it is good for you.

Thanks! Lisa

Karen Reid

April 08, 2015

I have been going to the Oasis Spa since May 2012. I go every month and it is a place I look forward to going.

After the first treatment I decided I would treat myself each month as her packages are very affordable..

Mary is very accommodating and very knowledgeable about her products and treatments. I can honestly say that Mary is very caring about the people she treats and I am very blessed to call her a dear friend.

Give the Oasis Spa a try - you will not be disappointed

Tuning Forks Helps With Arthritis and Tendinitis

Linda had overdone it again. The week was spent painting her ceiling, rooting out her garden and cutting down a lilac bush. As a result of over straining her system, every inch of her body hurt. The tendinitis in her thumbs were throbbing, the arthritis in her shoulder was giving her grief & the rest of her body hurt unbearably. During her regular early morning appointment with me that week she was barely able to climb the few stairs to my spa. I finished her treatment with a tuning fork session.

Later that afternoon I got a phone call. The voice on the other end said, "Okay, what did you do to me?"

"Are you alright?" I asked with concern.

 "More than all right," she sounded pleased. "Except for a little bit of pain in my thumbs, the rest of me is pain free. I feel great!"

Linda B

Tuning Forks & Sciatica

I was attending a BBQ with some acquaintances of mine and took my tuning forks to try out a few sessions on some willing souls. One of my friends was a little bit skeptical thinking this modality would not do anything for her, but she was willing to give a try. "Here, do my sciatica," she demanded sticking her hip up in the air directing it towards me. "It’s killing me."

I had doubts myself about it working as it only took a few minutes of therapy when the forks were placed on that area of the body & through thick clothing.

"The pain in my hip was gone the next morning," she informed me on the phone two days later when she called to set up a another session for her and her daughter.

Patti U.

Tuning Fork Eases Pain In Sore Ankle

A three minute session on Larry made him a happy man. He couldn’t remember how or when he twisted one of his ankles, all he knew that it was just so sore he couldn’t step on that afflicted foot without excruciating pain.

"The pain went away immediately afterwards," he informed me. He is now a believer after experiencing the direct results of his treatment instantaneously.

Larry F.

Relief From Neck & Hip Pain

After a tuning fork session on Louise to ease her neck pain, we applied them to her hips. Louise had already had hip surgery on one hip but now the other one needed done. Because she was compensating too much on the good leg, they both hurt and walking around even in her own yard was a difficult task.

We did some sound therapy on not only her hips, but her sore neck as well. During her next by weekly visit she had this to report: "It lasted about a week," she said, "It took me by was surprise when I walked around my yard pain free. I hadn’t felt that good in a long time."

She has now made tuning forks a part of her regular therapy.

Louise N.

Sonic Massage Dissipates Pain In Lower Back

Debbie stooped over to pick up her purse off the floor and winced in pain. "What’s the matter I asked her?"

"My lower back is hurting me," she replied." I can hardly bend over."

I immediately retrieved my forks & gave her a quick session on the designated area of her lower back. "There try that," I said to her when I finished.

She again bent over to pick up her purse - this time with ease. " Uh, Mary," she said in surprise, "You are not going to believe this, but the pain in my back is gone."

Debbie U.


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