The Oasis Holistic Spa 



             Therapies for the Body, Mind & Soul/Sole

                                                                  The Reflexology Massage   


Reflexology is a natural wonderful form of natural holistic healing based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body.

Stimulating & applying pressure to these areas increases circulation & promotes bodily & muscular functions as your whole body reacts because of something preceived by the foot.

                                                                          Benefits Of A Reflexology Massage  

- creates a profound relaxation to all parts of the body

- lowers blood pressure as it reduces stress

- breaks up & removes blockages in the body

- restores proper circulation to any given area

- relieves pain of migraine, headaches, sciatica

- helps relieve breathing disorders such as allergies & asthma

- relieves digestive problems helping with those who suffer from IBS or constipation

- normalizes body functions as it improves organ and gland functions

- regenerates tissues & stimulates nerve function

- reduces inflammation & muscle tension

- helps to stimulate the central nervous system

- boosts the immune system

- helps to detox the body

                                                                                                              Paraffin Waxing           

Paraffin wax is a drug-free relief for painful arthritis & joint inflammation. It stimulates circulation and releives stiffness & muscle spasms.

An ease from everyday stress and strain, a warm paraffin dip will increase the skin's elasticity and leave your skin soft and smooth. 


At the Oasis we pamper our guests by using a scented paraffin wax to give our clients the special treatment that they deserve. A marvleous, relaxing treatment that will have you coming back for more. Add to your reflexology package for a minimal fee.