The Oasis Holistic Spa 



             Therapies for the Body, Mind & Soul/So ul

        Ion Detox Foot Bath     

By a state of osmosis the ion foot bath pulls toxins from the body via the pores of the feet that are in contact with the water.

It restores balance to the body & its organs & acitivates the body's intelligence to heal itself.


- reduces allergies & flu symptons

- rids body of toxins easily & comfortably

- relieves pain of sore aching muscles

- lowers blood pressure

- helps with digestive disorders

- eliminates plaque & cholesterol deposits

- strengthens the immune system


                 Chi Oxygenation

The Chi Machine offers multiple benefits including oxygenation, detox and superb lymph drainage.

It is great modality in the detoxification of the body and it helps to improve functions of all internal organs and body systems.


- superb in lymph drainage

- rejuvenates white blood cells

- improves circulation

- promotes a stronger, limber spine

- improves digestion

- balances blood pressure

- reduction in stiffness & body aches

  ERE (Electronic Reflex Energizer

The Reflex Energizer uses low frequency acupressure stimulation that provides a feeling of relaxation via your feet.

In just 5 -15 min. this machine will help your feet through your hips feel better as it relaxes & revitalizes your entire body.


- increases circulation

- loosens tight muscles

- reduces swelling, aches & stiffness

- eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold & fungus

- purifies the blood

- heals nerves - numb feet regain feelings

- helps restore vital balance to the body