The Oasis Holistic Spa 



             Therapies for the Body, Mind & Soul/Sole

                             Infrared Sauna Dome                                                                     Amethyst Bio Mat

The fir sauna promotes cellular purification by removing toxins as its soothing heated energy emitted heals the body gently & safely from the inside & out.


- relieves joint & muscle pain

- helps kill bacteria, viruses, fungus & infections

- normalizes blood pressure

- balances cholesterol levels

- increases cardiac output

- boosts immune system

- helps in the drainage of the lymphatic system & swollen glands

- aid to skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, shingles

- helps with respiratory disorders - asthma, sinuses, allergies

- improves functions of internal organs

- increases oxygen to body to help regnerate tissue

- aid to digestive disorders

- reduces stress / aid to insomnia

- rids body of toxins, wastes & heavy metals

                           Sota Light Works

Light frequencies helps the cells in the body to resonate with their natural healthy vibration.


The Sota LED light speeds healing of wounds such as diabetic skin ulcers & burns, increases circulation, reduces inflammation & is helpful in the reduction of muscle, skeletal & myofascial pain.


Light works also helps stabilize brain functions balancing the hormones in the body helping to reduce stress & ease depression.

       *Ask for a trial session during your spa treatment

The bio mat helps to regenerate the cells. The amethyst crystals, far infrared rays & negative ions found in the mat can penetrate deep into the core of your being helping to heal the body.


- helps in the removal of disease on a cellular level

- balances body's ph helping to fight off infections

- relieves insomnia & depression, reduces stress, eases tension

- lowers blood pressure, helps to heal arrhythmia

- purifies the cells through the ultraviolet spectrum

- helps inprove kidney functions

- reduces swelling & inflammation

- regulates the circulatory system

- stimulates sweat to relieve toxic buildup in the lymph system

- reduces muscle tightness, aches & pains

- helps repair tissues & boosts the immune system

- reduces allergy symptoms, headaches & migraines

- detoxifies toxins that have laid dormant in the body

- rids itself of an accumulation of heavy metals, sulfuric & uric acid

                       DPL Light Therapy  

Deep Pentrating Light is an all natural, inavasive system that uses red and infrared LEDs which improve the appeareance of aging.

The light waves rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the cells which cause your skin to increase the production of collagen & elastin which are the proteins responsible for smooth supple skin.

The energy photons penetrate deep into the pores to diminish fine lines, creases, furrows, wrinkles, crow's feet & sun-damage.

          *DPL Light is used in prelude to our mini facials