The Oasis Holistic Spa 



             Therapies for the Body, Mind & Soul/Sole

About The Oasis

The Oasis is a home-based spa for the ladies that offers a variety of services and healing modalities. Although it is home based, it is an entirely separate space offering complete privacy and serenity for those who visit.

Reasonable rates offer those with a limited budget the opportunity to enjoy the services. Flexible hours (booked appointments only) accomodate the busy bee, so if you were finishing a night shift and in need of a relaxing massage before returning home, an early appointment at 7:30 a.m. could be booked.

The Spa

As you enter the Oasis you will find a serene zen-like atmosphere adorned with silk palm trees and the sound of quiet relaxing music is playing in the background. Filling the room with an inviting warmth is soft Himalyan lamp light and the flicker of candles (flamelss of course, ever mindful of those with a sensitive nature). Breathe in the soft scent of aromatherapy as it fills the air - all of this to help soothe the body, mind and soul and create a sense of peace and well being for the visiting client.

At the Oasis it is all about you, so do join us for a relaxing, rejuvenating and uplifting experience.


         Hope to see you soon.

The Spa Owner

Having worked in retail for over 30 years, Mary Ann Olson soon realized that taking time out to relax was essential in order to help the body regenerate after a stressful day. Based on this premise, she decided to give up retail and embark on a different journey, one that would offer others a place to let the cares of the world slip away - even if just a little while.

During her healing journey, she became certified in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, an IET Practitioner, Relational Massage Therapist and holds certification in Thermal Palms and Access Bars. She is a member of the Ontario College of Reflexology organization (OCR) and the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO).

She has been operating "The Oasis Spa' since 2007.


All the therapies & modalities practiced at The Oasis are meant to compliment medical treatments not to replace them. If someone has a serious health imbalance they should see a Doctor or other appropriate professional.